You’ll love this amazing new Super Deluxe figure set from TBLeague and Executive Replicas

Okay, I love this new figure set from Phicen/TBLeague and Executive Replicas–The Death Dealer V2 Super Deluxe figure set. It’s really more of a diorama that they’ve gone and created here, one that really captures the feel of the work of great fantasy painter Frank Frazetta, in all its barbarian/Hyperborean glory (if that’s a real phrase). They’re calling it the “Death Dealer Version 2 Super Deluxe set.” And I have to say, it really is super deluxe.

First off, this set has an excellent 1/6th scale figure of Frank Frazetta’s famous painting “Death Dealer.” This time, though, there’s so much more in the way of AWESOME bonuses! Death Dealer V2 has got a detailed throne and a separate base that is strewn with–what else? Human bones. Plus we have the added bonus of FOUR other figures, called “slave girls” in the description. We’ll just call them “indentured people with nothing to wear,” in order to be more PC and not offend anyone, which really, no one wants to do. But, obviously, this set is designed to appeal to all the adolescent fanboy fantasies in all of us geek types (which is probably why I really want one). But I have to say that the added figures are awesome. This is because two of them look bluish in skin tone, and kind of remind me of their earlier “Z Girl” release, if you ask me. Maybe they’re like evil djinn girls or something that are bound to the Death Dealer, making this set even creepier! The other two are of the light skin toned variety and I think Asian. I think the Death Dealer V2 set is an awesome value for the asking price of $319. That’s a total of FIVE figures that you receive and together they make for a very impressive-looking display. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this purchase! It’s up for preorder now, but only for the next TEN days, until August 28th, so hurry!!! (How’s that for a sales pitch? Okay?)

BUY IT here. You can also reserve yours with a $65 deposit!