Wow, when I first looked at these pictures  by Susan Wright, I thought it was an actual nude female model in a series of erotic photographs! Imagine my surprise when I learned that these pictures actually feature the “No Tomorrow” Keres 1/6 scale Phicen figure in a miniature photo shoot. The level of sensuality and beauty she achieves with a naked doll is pretty incredible. It helps that Phicen has a really well-detailed product. It’s amazing how realistic their silicone bodies can look with the right dramatic lighting, the use of bokeh, as well as soft focus. Combine her photo techniques with graceful posing of the figure and you have a very attractive, sexy end product! Excellent job by Susan.

You can see more of her photography at I think we should do a whole series of these, using all the hot women of Phicen and Executive Replicas—Lady Death, Red Sonja, PainKiller Jane! It’s art of a very fine caliber.