Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, except to certain countries that we’ve had fraud issues with: Mexico, Italy, Singapore, Africa, Malaysia or Indonesia.

When does my order ship?

We ship orders every weekday. If you order after 5pm, Eastern Time, or on the weekends, we will ship the next business day. If you purchase a pre-order item, you will be paying for it before it is shipped to us. We ship orders in just one box whenever possible, because shipping is calculated based on the size/weight of one box that fits all of the items. If your order contains in-stock items and pre-order items, it will not be shipped until your pre-order item arrives. If you wish to receive your in-stock items beforehand, please order them separately.

How can I track my package?

When your item is shipped, you will automatically receive an email with a link to tracking info so that you can track it. Please wait for the item to actually ship before checking your tracking information.

My toy was broken in the mail. Help!

Okay, so you’ve received your toy, taken it out of the box and it’s broken, in pieces. Please take a picture ASAP and email it to us. If we determine the damage occurred in shipping (and not by your toddler, with a leadpipe, in the conservatory), we will either replace it or issue a refund if we don’t have the item in stock. Don’t wait too long. After two days, we can’t help you.

Help! The toy box arrived damaged. What can you do?

We can only guarantee the toy itself. The box’s condition is what it is. If it has dents or scratches, chances are we got it that way from the manufacturer. Again, we cannot replace toys because the box is somehow imperfect. That’s our final answer.