Store Policies

USA Ordering Policy

  1. Strangewerks reserves the right to cancel any suspicious orders over the amount of $300. This is due to fraudulent customer activity in the past.


  1. How Do Preorders Work? Preorders are a great way to guarantee you’ll get the figure you want. You place an order with us for the figure before it’s really released to us by the manufacturer. We don’t have it in the warehouse yet. But, when we get it, we ship it automatically to you!
  2. All preorders are immediately charged to your card. Also, all preorders are final and non-refundable. We are specifically ordering a product for YOU. You wanted it, we placed the order. In addition, we are not responsible for the delay of any preorder products, regardless of when the product was originally supposed to arrive. There are many factors that contribute to shipping delays–issues on the part of the manufacturers, dock workers striking, you name it. Again: ALL PREORDERS ARE FINAL. Chargebacks will be rigorously defended against, plus forget about ordering from us ever again.
  3. We ship all orders together, so keep this in mind when ordering preorders along with instock items. If you want to order in-stock items, order them separately.

Shipping Policies

  1. We ship daily from our warehouse, except on weekends. You will receive your package shipment confirmation via email once they have gone out to the shipper.

International Orders

  1. International orders may not exceed $200, unless you are an established customer. We suggest you make a number of small orders with us first, in order to establish yourself with us. We also reserve the right to cancel any suspicious orders. We will NOT ship to Italy, Singapore, Africa, Mexico, Malaysia or Indonesia.


  1. Strangewerks, Inc. will only provide returns, refunds or replacements on toys that are damaged as the result of shipping. If you don’t like the way the toy looks in person, this is not our fault. In addition, box damage does not count as damage–this is our Official Store Policy. In order to get satisfaction on damaged items, you must take a picture of the damaged product and email it to us that very same day. If we do not receive notice from you immediately we are not liable for damage.
  2. Please contact us first with any issues, NOT your card company.  If we sent the wrong item, or it’s damaged in shipping, we’ll work hard to make it right. Card companies can’t get you the toy you want. We can. We will work to resolve serious issues with you to your satisfaction. Customer chargebacks to credit cards or Paypal will be denied and scrupulously defended against by our company. You will also be permanently restricted from ordering from us. Also, Judge Dredd will visit your house and give you a shellacking.

Shipping costs are NOT refundable. Only the price of the toy is refundable. In addition, we must have received the product back from you before a refund can be issued.


  1. Strangewerks Inc. takes your privacy very seriously. We do NOT sell or share our customer list with any other stores. Period.
  2. In order to ensure data accuracy and security, we maintain strict physical, electronic, and managerial strategies designed to protect the information we collect online.