A Short History of Vampirella

The character of Vampirella was created way back in 1969 and was credited to Famous Monsters editor Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins. Her first appearance was in Vampirella #1, in September of that year.

The main reason for this article is to highlight a new 1/6 scale figure that Phicen and Executive Replicas will be releasing in a few months. But, prior to the announcement of this figure, the popular femme fatale had seen relatively few depictions in plastic. (I was going to say “silicone,” but that opens up a whole new cans of worms regarding the character’s spectacular endowment. However, the new figure does indeed have silicone skin.)

The earliest representation of the character was in the early 70’s, when Aurora Plastics Co. release a model kit of Vampi in 1/12 scale, as part of its “Monster Scenes” line of kits. These are the famous kits that caused major controversy because they featured guillotines, iron maidens and red hot pokers, in addition to a female kit entitled “The Victim.” Needless to say, Vampirella fit right in.

Since then, there have been at least one small scale action figure from Clayton Moore and a whole passel of statues, garage kits and, um, busts, but there has never been a true 1/6th scale action figure until now. Well, the wait was worth it. Phicen and Executive Replicas have done a fantastic job of creating the figure that so many fanboys have been waiting so many years for. Dubbed “the Asian Version,” Vampirella features a very attractive Phicen seamless body that looks realistically proportioned and lifelike. This, coupled with a faithful reproduction of her costume (what little there is of it) perfectly captures the erotic nature of the character. The costume itself looks like it fits the figure perfectly and her gold arm jewelry perfectly complements her red, white and black costume elements. (Of course, I’m judging all this based on the photos released by the manufacturer and we all know that the prototype of a figure can sometimes differ from the actual production version, but Phicen has typically done very well in the past.)

The head sculpt is also very well done, attractive and looks a great deal like how Vampirella has been depicted over the years in comics, even though she is Asian in this version. I don’t think hard core Vampi fans will mind that she is depicted as Asian, because this figure looks fantastic and really, who cares? They’ll probably do a more “Caucasian” version in the future and we’ll all buy that one too! I like the hair on the figure as well. It falls naturalistically on her body and looks great.

As far as accessories goes, there are some nice ones. The base features a gothic pile of skulls that you can pose the figure on as well as the remains of a shattered tombstone. You also get a loose skull for her to hold in her hands and regard somberly. There are also two sets of alternately posed hands and a great black and red cape for Vampirella to don when she’s in the mood to be even more “Vampi.”

As far as poseability goes, Phicen bodies have those wonderful steel skeletons that are very limber and hold a pose very well, so I don’t think there will be any problems there. Based on the pictures it looks like a real winner. This is going to be a hot figure. I’ve heard that pre-orders are rolling into the distributor at an exceptionally fast rate, so be sure to reserve yours ASAP at






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